AGM Minutes 2018


Cornish Leaf and Coil Club AGM Friday 27th July 2018

Committee Attended
Justin, Gary, Becky, Chris, Ron, Neil

Justin open the meeting with thanks all the members for supporting the club for the last 12 months and for other years they have been there.
Justin also wanted to thank Chris for his commitment to the club over the past 12 years. Chris has decided to step down from the committee due to other commitments but will help when possible and will stay doing the books and accounts for us.
Vote was taken to keep Chris for accounts. Everyone was happy for this to happen.
Ron was voted to stay on Committee
Neil was voted to stay on Commitee
Becky was voted to stay on Committee
Gary was voted to stay on Committee
Justin was voted to stay on Committe
Hayley has been doing the website and has been ask to go on the committee a voted was taken and everyone is happy for Hayley to carry on with the website and be on the committee.

Chris (accounts)
Its been a good year for the accounts this year with having about £2000 in the bank, this is with help of more events, the price of fees going up alittle.
We have had to drop some land as they have increase the price for the weekend and find that we dont use the land enough to pay these prices.
We are not able to use as much land at Bush Farm as we have in the past. We are trying to use Fraddon more as this has already been paid for at 12 months at a time. Fraddon has had some work done to it over the past 12 months and still needs some work doing to it.
We have saved on the things such as the MSA, Trophies (change of supplier) but cost has gone up on the toilet as we now pay for the toilet to be cleaned once a month after an event.
I would also like to say they we have had to cancel some events as we have not had enough members turn up to run the event. So please if you are coming please let one of the committee members know so we can make sure we sure to have an event.
I will not be at every event as from now but would like to thank you for all your support to the club over the years, the club is better on money this year than the last and hope this can carry on with your support.

Becky (membership)
This past year we are lower on member than we have before, last year we had 42 memeber and now have 48 members. We have found that we have more support from other people turning up to watch or even help at an event.
Membership is now due please come get your membership and the end of the evening thank you.

Gary (Vice Chair)
I would just like to thank everyone that turns up at the events and at the end of the day help bring in the punches.

Justin open the meeting to the members
It was said that the 3 day event should be changed a little as they think it is putting people off coming for the rest of the year as the scoring for this one event is very high. It was said the Sunday points should be counted for the year and rest of the event is seperate. Committee agreed with this along with all members. They happy with how the event runs for the 3 days, but some of the standard class feel they are missing out. It was asked if it is possible for a standard class to be put in for the weekend. Justin said I have done this is previous years and has maybe 1 or 2 trucks turn up for it. He has agreed to do a standard class if he has 4-5 truck booked in for the event. Also said that standard trucks are not built to be raced round a track as a lot of the standard trucks are drove to the event and would be difficult to keep in one peice for the weekend, and costs a lot of money if you dont do the full weekend. It was decided that standard trucks would only do the sunday punch hunt and would pay £50 instead of a normal £30 for a punch hunt as we would have to get more marshals for the sunday. Justin would like to say there has been an increase in standard trucks this year compared to the last. For the Modified class and Unlimited Class if they only want to turn up for one day or two they still have to pay for the full weekend as there is a lot of time put into this event, and we still have to pay for the marshals to be fed and watered.
All sunday event weather just a one day, two day, or a three day event the sunday punch hunt scores will be counted in the years scores.
This was voted on everyone one is happy for this to happen.
Just a note to everyone, if you are wanting to go in a standard class but have a winch on your truck this can be tied off by a committee member and not used in the event. The only time this is to be used in an event if it is an emergency and normally by that point a committee member will be there an all you need to do is ask a committee member if they can use it.


Some of the standard class think it is a little unfair that some trucks are trailored to an event and others are drove, they feel that there should be 2 classes but doing the same punches. Trucks that have MOT and TAX one class and Trucks that are trailored another class. They feel that trucks trailored can give it more as they dont have to worry about driving them home. This is ok but would mean more paperwork for the committee so was thought that trailored truck could have 20 points taken off at the begining of the event as a handy cap for trailoring. This was voted and they are happy for this to happen.
It was asked if they can change class through the year and keep your points this can only happen if you go up a class. You can not take your points if you drop a class if you decide to drop a class you will start your points again in that class. It is also not possible to change co-drive through the event on the day as this is unfair on other drivers and co-drivers, this is also for insurance reasons as they are signed in with that driver for the day.
There will be no spotters as this makes it unfair for the drivers so spectators if you see punches please dont give them away please. Also all drivers and co-drivers from all class have to be at the drivers talk this is for your safety and other around you and for MSA insurance. Drivers talks are always done 10 minutes before the event starts so please make sure you are at the event in plenty of time otherwise you could loose out on the day.

Everyone is happy with the way things are running and the changes that have been made this evening. Please carry on supporting the club in anyway you can weather that is competing at the event for just coming to watch or say hello.

Many Thanks from all Committee member for coming to the meeting tonight.

Meeting closed 21.26

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