Vehicles entering this class must be fitted with a full Motor sport uk spec roll cage.


Annual / accumulative points / 8-10 events per year

Cost £30 per event.

15 x blue punches (10 points each) plus 15 x red punches (20 points each)

unlimited scorecards per event.

Vehicles entering this class will not have a handicapp :

Tyres over 37inches are not allowed, tread pattern must not be more aggressive than Insa Turbo/ Simex special track and must be road legal. ( if in (if in doubt please ask before purchasing )

Vehicles must pass scrutineering, carry a fire extinguisher and first aid kit, and meet all of the vehicle requirements as listed on the website.

Punches will be set out in a numerical sequence around the site.

Part of the days challenge is to find the punch, and subsequently, to actually punch your card.

Every driver to be issued with 2 tow / bonus points cards at sign in.

Driver can choose to use card to get a quick tow out of trouble (handing card to other driver) or hold on to card for the bonus points and extract himself. All drivers have the choice of offering assistance and gaining bonus points or driving past and continuing with the challenge punches, (it is hoped that assistance will be offered to everyone that needs it, quickly and willingly, to improve and promote a friendly atmosphere within the club).

Entries to this class must comply with the following rules :

One vehicle, one driver + one co-driver working the winch etc. (additional passengers may not be carried in the vehicle).

No team working, multiple vehicles working together are not permitted, and any infringements will result in all points being disqualified.

SCORE CARDS MUST BE REMOVED BY A CLUB OFFICIAL  –  AT THE SIGN IN TENT AFTER THE EVENT, this means that the vehicle has to be driven back to the sign in tent at the end of the day’s event, with the card still attached to the vehicle, before the finish time of the event. Late cards will not count, and cards that have been removed will not count.

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