Events – what we do

The club will run a varying program of events throughout the year, sometimes combining events at a site so as to attract as many members as possible.

We will host events selected from the following :

Green lane runs – frequency dependant on demand – explore the local byways of Cornwall led and supported by an experienced guide from the club. The tours can be tailored to suit everyone, from a non damaging family based tour upwards, start, finish and duration can be matched with demand –

Treasure hunt – frequency, occasional, as advertised – share the sites used for the challenge events, and drive off road looking for hidden clues and answers, a non damaging family activity

Starter punch challenge – frequency, monthly, 10 events per year, – drive the same sites used for the full punch challenge, but with your own set of 6 x yellow punches to do, which will be set out so as not to damage your vehicle or require you to have any special equipment.

Full challenge – frequency, monthly, 10 events per year, – divided into two classes, with a handicap system and a maximum of 2 scorecards per event, points scored over a full year of events.

Standard class (road taxed vehicles) 20 green punches (5points each) 10 silver punches (10points each)

Modified class 15x blue punches (10 points each) and 10 silver punches (10points each). Unlimited class, 15 x blue punches (10 points each) plus 15x red punches (20 points each).

The remaining 2 events per year will be a varying mixed style of event, possibly treasure hunt, practice punches, timed driving, depending on the site available.



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